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At the Avanti Aesthetics Academy we don’t just teach aesthetics, we develop the top 10% of aesthetics practitioners in the UK and Ireland.

We will provide you with the most comprehensive high quality training available in the industry and develop you into a truly confident and successful practitioner.

The Complete Aesthetic Practitioner Programme

The Complete Aesthetic Practitioner Programme is our tried and tested injectables pathway. The pathway will take you from being a complete beginner to expert level over an appropriate time frame.

Follow this programme and you’ll become the most knowledgeable, skilled and confident practitioner possible.

The perfect place to start if you are completely new to injectables or have attended courses elsewhere in the past but need more comprehensive knowledge, hands-on injecting experience and support to be confident.

Receive the most comprehensive training at the best value with our award winning foundation course package which includes all of the fundamental botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments carried out in practice.

Our level 2 course will enable you to be extremely confident with the use of needle and cannula in multiple zones and in fact, cannula in the NLF zone will now seem like a doddle.

Our level 2 package also adds skin quality treatments to your list of services, and from an income/ revenue angle these treatments are perfectly placed for maximising on income after your foundation level training.

Upon completion of our level 2 course, you will have the necessary cannula skills and experience to be able to tackle advanced lip treatments with both needle and cannula.

You will learn advanced techniques for administering local anaesthetic to provide your patients with pain-free treatment. We will also cover clinical photography and tips and tricks to get the best shots for your instagram portfolio.

Upon completion of our level 3 course, your next steps will be advanced areas of treatment using dermal filler. You will learn how to refresh and rejuvenate your patients appearance using a combination of tear trough treatment and cheek sculpting with the addition of cannula.

Our non-surgical rhinoplasty, (or liquid-rhino) course will be a game-changer for your clinical practice. With a focus on safety, you will be able to confidently and sympathetically deliver life-changing results for your patients.

Our Full Face Transformation Masterclass will empower any aesthetic practitioner to take all of their existing skills and bring them together using our Avanti 3D Sculpt protocols to assess, treatment plan and execute multi-syringe cases.

Many practitioners limit their treatments to individual areas. This Masterclass will not only show you how to perform full facial transformations, it will transform the way you approach your future cases.

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Dermal Filler: Cheek enhancement, nasolabial folds & marionette lines

Midface volumisation or cheek augmentation and nasolabial fold/marionette line treatment are the first steps in restoring the ageing face and cheek augmentation also plays a major role in female facial beautification and male facial masculinisation in younger patients.

The cheeks are one of the first places we start to lose volume, leading to sagging of tissues downwards and inwards resulting in nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jowls. For the aged patient it is important to treat this midface volume loss first then treat the symptoms – nasolabial folds and marionette lines to rejuvenate the mid and lower face.

On this course we will teach you a systemised, anatomical based approach of correcting volume loss of the aged midface and sculpting cheeks for beautification/masculinisation. You will learn how to treat the lateral, mid and anterior cheek and improve tear troughs indirectly through midface volumisation.

You will also learn how to treat the nasolabial folds using only safe micro-cannula techniques, which is essential for this ‘high risk zone’ for complications when using outdated and unsafe needle techniques as taught on most other courses. You will also be taught how to use micro-cannulas as well as safe needle techniques for disguising the mouth-to-chin lines (marionettes) and turning up the oral commissures (mouth corners) for a happier rested appearance. In addition, we will teach you how to treat the labio-mental crease (crease in between lower lip and chin).