The Perfect Peel® Training Course

Our Perfect Peel® Course is suitable for all Doctors, Dentists and Medical Nurses that are either new to aesthetics, or for those who are looking to broaden their treatment portfolio.

We ensure you gain the most comprehensive knowledge, skills and practical hands on experience to treat patients safely and achieve the best results possible whilst providing the Perfect Peel to your patients.


Avanti Aesthetics Academy are offering intensive Perfect Peel training supported by pre-reading materials.

Understanding the skin and the finding the best solutions for your patients should be at the heart of all your clinical decisions. We will cover the skin, The Perfect Peel® and its unique qualities, skin conditions including pigmentation, acne and photo damaged skin and The Perfect Skincare science knowledge. This is followed by a peel demonstration and hands on peel training supported by experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

By the end of the day you will be confident to discuss the The Perfect Peel and supporting products with your clients, and understand how they fit into your professional treatments.

Practical Experience

Unlike other perfect peel training courses each of our delegates will be performing a perfect peel on a model, not just the trainer doing a demo. There will be 6 models so 2 delegates per model. With multiple passes of a peel on a patient, delegates will get all the necessary experience they need.

Minimum Order

There is a minimum order requirement of 3 peels at the discounted rate of £300 plus vat on booking the course (RRP for each peel is £350). If you order 6 peels (full box) then the cost will £500 plus vat.

Making a Profit

You will easily be able to recuperate the training fee, the minimum purchase of 3 peels and make a profit by selling 3 peels at £350 = £1050 and 6 peels at £2100 (each peel works out cheaper if you buy 6)