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Upper Face Toxin Training at the Avanti Aesthetics Academy

Unmatched Hands-On Experience

At Avanti, we believe in providing you with unparalleled hands-on experience to ensure your success in aesthetics. Unlike many other courses on the market that require you to share models among multiple practitioners, our approach is different.

Treating Your Own Live Patients

As an Avanti delegate, you will always treat your own live patients on any of our courses. This direct involvement gives you an immersive experience in the full patient journey. You won't just observe—you will take the lead, managing patient interactions from the initial consultation to the final treatment. This unique method provides an in-depth understanding of the aesthetics field, cultivating your abilities to meet patient needs and deliver exceptional care.

Involvement in Every Step of the Process

From checking medical and aesthetic histories, taking appropriate photographs, and conducting consultations to facial analysis, marking up patients, discussing possible risks and complications, and performing injections under 1-on-1 supervision by our expert trainers, you will be actively involved in every step of the process. This comprehensive approach allows you to develop the skills, confidence, and competence needed to excel in aesthetics.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

But the learning doesn't stop there - you will also have the opportunity to observe other delegates treating their models, which provides valuable learning opportunities and allows you to further solidify your techniques. Throughout the process, our expert trainers will provide constructive feedback, along with essential tips and tricks, to help you continuously improve and excel in your aesthetics practice.

Knowledge, Safety, and Confidence

Our courses are all about a gradual increase of knowledge and confidence over an appropriate time frame. That's why we ensure that you always receive one-on-one supervision with an expert trainer while treating complete patient cases from start to finish, with no sharing of models whatsoever.

Our personalised approach guarantees that you receive the individual attention and guidance you need to develop your skills and expertise in aesthetics.

Botox training at the Avanti Aesthetics Academy, Harley Street, London

Anatomy and Complications

Our courses include detailed (essential) anatomy relevant to injectables. This is a must if you are injecting in order to safeguard the safety for your patients. Importantly, we comprehensively teach how to avoid complications and treat them if they do arise, including the dilution and use of Hyalase to treat filler lumps and bumps to dissolving dermal filler in an emergency situation.

Unfortunately many courses do not teach complications well enough, if at all. Our stance on this is that we think practitioners should not be injecting dermal fillers if they cannot manage any complications that may arise. Our expert trainers are very well experienced in treating complications, not only their own but referrals from other practitioners.


We are well renowned to have the most comprehensive and unparalleled FREE support for our delegates. We are there for our delegates from the moment of enquiry, whilst on the course and well after. 

As soon as our delegates join a course they will be added to our private online forum where they can network with like-minded colleagues, get assistance on treatment planning or ask any questions at all. Delegates find our group to be an invaluable resource. You will also have access 24/7 to one of our expert trainers in case of emergencies along with email support if preferable.

Are you comparing courses?​

It is important that you choose appropriate training to set a solid foundation in the aesthetics field.

We get a lot of delegates coming onto our courses that have been on one, two or even three previous foundation courses before finally coming to us. The main reasons being a lack of experience and confidence due to inadequate or incomplete training.

Below, you will find a list of questions you should be asking your training provider when investing in a course.

Our top tips for researching courses

We recognise that choosing a training provider is a personal choice with many potential factors involved.

Finance, location and the subjects being taught all play a role in your decision making but we would argue that the quality of the training is the most important factor!

When conducting your research you can use this list of important questions to ensure you get the best possible start.

  • Is the course long enough to teach you the treatments comprehensively?
  • What treatments will be covered on the day?
  • Will the course teach you the most up to date techniques?
  • Will the course teach you bespoke facial analysis rather than standard marking up for every patient?
  • Will you treat your patients from start to finish? Or will you have to share models, doing little bits on each model?
  • Will complications management be taught comprehensively?
  • Will vascular compromise signs, and treatment be included? Including hyalase dilution and administration?
  • Will the course allow you to spread the cost in manageable instalments?
  • What is the support structure of the course after the course has finished? Is it included or do you have to pay for it?
  • Where is the course being held? Is the course set in an appropriate clinical space or is it being held in an unsuitable conference room or hotel?

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