Tear Trough & Cheek Cannula Masterclass

Master how to correct under eye hollowing, dark circles and mid face volume loss as one aesthetic unit, using our unique cannula techniques in this tear trough Masterclass.


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A delegate injecting the Tear trough and cheek area with dermal filler at the avanti aesthetics academy under supervision of expert trainers.
A delegate injecting the Tear trough and cheek area with dermal filler at the avanti aesthetics academy under supervision of expert trainers.

Course Overview

Our Tear Trough & Cheek Cannula Masterclass focuses on mastering the treatment of tear troughs and mid-face - the earliest signs of ageing that can make patients appear tired, aged, and even ill. Through this course, we offer you a unique approach to treating these areas as a single aesthetic unit, thus providing a more natural and balanced aesthetic outcome.

We've tailored this training to equip you with the skills to reduce under-eye hollowing, dark circles, and facial drooping by restoring volume using safe and effective cannula techniques.

Treating the Tear Trough and Mid-face Safely

Safety is paramount in aesthetic treatments. By teaching you how to use cannulas in treating the tear trough and mid-face, we significantly reduce the risk of common side effects like bruising and swelling, as well as severe complications like vascular occlusion. This course will break down the often complex tear trough treatment into a systematic, step-by-step approach that you can easily and safely replicate in practice.

Understanding the Anatomy and Ageing Process

To effectively treat the tear trough and mid-face, you first need a deep understanding of their anatomy and how they age. This includes knowledge of the neurovascular anatomy, danger zones, and the specific ways the orbital and mid-face regions age.

We will also look at the impact of ethnicity and sexual dimorphism in treatment approaches, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of how these factors influence treatment plans.

Effective Consultation and Assessment Skills

The consultation process is a critical factor in ensuring your success. You will learn how to conduct an effective consultation, take medical and aesthetic history, assess the periorbital zone, tear trough, and mid-face, and identify suitable and unsuitable candidates for treatment.

We'll guide you on how to manage patient expectations, understand contraindications and cautions, and get consent for treatment.

Practical Skills and Complication Management

The course provides hands-on training, where you will perform treatment of the tear trough and cheeks under expert supervision. You'll learn to choose the right products, calculate the required quantity, sterile decanting of filler into insulin syringes for safe and precise tear trough injection, and tips and tricks specific to cannula and needle use in the tear trough and cheeks. We'll also cover critical aspects of complication avoidance, management, and treatment-specific post-operative instructions.

Marketing and Photography

Lastly, we understand the importance of showcasing your work to attract new patients. That's why we've included a session dedicated to taking optimal photographic records and marketing your tear trough and mid-face treatments effectively.


This course is designed for practitioners with some existing cannula skills. If you're a beginner, you might find it beneficial to complete an intermediate course first.

Frequently asked questions

What aesthetics experience do I need for this course?

This Masterclass requires previous cannula experience. If you've completed our Fundamental 5 course and intermediate courses, you'll have the required experience. If not, we recommend our Chin, Jawline & Jowls Masterclass and Skinboosters Course to hone your cannula skills before attending this Masterclass.

Are models and products provided during the course?

Yes, Avanti provides both models and products for the tear trough and cheeks training. Our delegates treat their own patients from consultation to aftercare under one-to-one supervision. We also accommodate requests for bringing your own models.

How thorough is the coverage of complications and management?

We comprehensively cover how to avoid, manage, and treat complications associated with tear trough and cheek treatment. Understanding anatomy and physiology, aftercare, and complication management are all integral parts of the course.

What benefits does using cannula techniques provide?

Using cannula techniques for these treatments can significantly reduce the risk of bruising, swelling, and severe complications. It also allows for a more controlled and precise treatment, leading to better results.

Who are the trainers for this course?

Your training will be led by experienced Avanti trainers, including Dr Rikin Parekh, a Key Opinion Leader for many aesthetic manufacturers. Our trainers remain at the cutting-edge of facial aesthetics to ensure all course content covers the latest techniques.

What kind of post-course support is available?

We offer free ongoing support to our tear trough and cheeks training delegates. You will have access to our closed Delegates groups where you can ask questions and learn from colleagues. You can also contact us through email or our Emergency Mobile Hotline for immediate assistance with issues such as patient complications.

Where is the training held?

The training takes place at our well-equipped venue located at 140 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6YE, in the heart of Central London.

What makes Avanti's support unrivaled?

Avanti stands out because of its comprehensive training and free, unparalleled support to delegates not just during the course but before and after as well. We understand the challenges of applying new skills in practice and offer multiple methods for continued learning and assistance, including an Emergency Mobile Hotline for immediate advice.

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